Firstly, I’m not good in English, please use easily word to understand when you send mail to face-up order, Thank you ^_^

• I’m accept All size BJD and Pullip (Including Dal, Taeyang) If be another kind, you can asked before.
• Limit 2 head per slot, and must be the same owner.
• Importantly, I would like to inform that I will do only natural face-up style. Thus, hard core, fantasy, fairies or anything weird such as tattoo or scars are not accepted. You must have to look at my work as your needs or not before decide reserve order.
• Anyway, you can require concept style and color tone you need or attach images human makeup for reference. But please write concisely, easy to understand. Maybe I don’t fully your requirement but I’ll try to do best.
• Accept adding birthmark or a little freckle but don’t mod a tattoo, scars and don’t accept any request about piercing hole in any part.
• Please do not request specifically face-up, We receive whole face-up only.
• Do not accept copy face-up any other artist works
• Do not accept imitated or copy other dolls, include copy Doll Company’s default makeup.
Do not accept illegally copied dolls.
• I were unable to send the working image step by step, you can see the finished image only. (The photo may not match the actual color but I will try)
• If finished, I made ​​a mistake orders I will be made ​​new for free. But then you don’t like. I have to clean all. I will be charged “35usd” for waste time cost and makeup only new one.
• Finally, if you want to have anything, you can consult me. I also want you to be satisfied.


• All Size (BJD/Pullip) : 80 usd
• Remove old face-up (BJD/Pullip) : 10 usd
• Eyelash (BJD) : 5 usd (Black, Brown, Blonde)
We select the appropriate lashes. You can specify whether you want. If you want other eyelash, please send to me.
Free Eyelash for Pullip (Black only)


Paypal system only.
We will inform paying before working and it takes about 3-4 weeks to work.
(Or more than that,  I will try not to exceed two months)

[Total = service fee + shipping cost + fee 4%]

Paypal : fadayaume@gmail.com

Note – Please pay for that If I get the tax when your head arrive


Please send your head by EMS only, my address

Supattanee Preeprem
35/534 Soi 26, Rangsit-Nakornnayok Rd., Lumpukgood,
Tanyaburi, Pathumthani 12110 THAILAND

Tel : 6629055824 (please fill on the parcel )


by EMS Only
The shipping cost is depend on the destination (20-30usd)

Note – If the loss is due to shipping, We will be responsible only 100usd for BJD and 50usd for Pullip




Status : *CLOSE*
If you want a commission. Written orders below and send it to fadayaume@gmail.com
Subject “Face-up Order” (Don’t change the subject of the email conversation)

Your real name :
Your shipping address :
Your Telephone no. :
Your e-mail :
Head’s type :
Defects of the head (not required) :
Eyebrow Shape & Color :
Eyeshadow color :
Lip Color :
Personality :
Overall Feel :
Other Information :